Our Story

I wanted to make shopping for newborns and toddlers faster, easier, and more rewarding for parents.Jamie, Founder of Moonbabies.co.uk and Proud Dad

The Moonbabies.co.uk dream first started back in May 2013 when my wife and I became parents for the first time to our son Finley.

The old familiar cliché that so many friends and family had wisely warned us of that “your lives would change forever” certainly came true. With not a spare moment in the day we found that come night time, once our son was asleep, we would reach for our smartphones or tablets, check in on the outside world briefly, eat one of the home made frozen meals my wife had batch prepared during her last energetic weeks of maternity leave, and then sure enough a couple of hours later our son would wake up for his next feed.

Our habits and focuses shifted, instead of Googling the latest cult beauty must haves, my wife would while away the hours spent feeding our son by scouring the internet and researching baby products, reading articles on sleep (the holy grail!), weaning or whatever 'phase' our son was currently going through. All this whilst simultaneously chatting to her network of other mum friends, swapping advice and product recommendations to make these phases that little bit easier.

I would meanwhile pay our bills via our online banking and do the weekly grocery shopping on the tablet. I realised how quick and easy the latter was, my favourite products would be stored in my basket based on my last shop and products would be recommended to me based on my profile.

Why couldn't shopping for Finley be so quick and easy?

It was at this point that I thought about creating a website for parents to browse every night, providing exclusive deals from popular and upcoming baby brands which are tailored to the age and sex of their children. 20 months on and Moonbabies.co.uk has officially launched - just in time for the arrival of baby No.2!

Illustrations by the talented Milli-Jane